Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Plug In!

I noticed throughout the Internet a cute and clever way of getting one's business name noticed. It's called a Plugboard. They're everywhere! These plugboards are filled with cute little banners that are either static (don't move) or animated and when individually clicked on, take you to the respective websites. Each banner is no bigger than 88x31. The banners remain on the plugboard until they are bumped off, in which case, a person can return and plug their banner again. And the whole advertising concept is free.

So, I wanted one!...a cute little plug banner AND a plugboard. I had bittymoose at Etsy create a plug banner for me and what a great job she did! Then I located a site where just by a simple registration, a plugboard is obtained.

You can scroll down my blog page and see my new plugboard in the right hand column. I added my new plug banner to start things off. If you already have a plug banner, please feel free to plug in! If you don't have a plug banner but will be getting one, I'd love for you to come back and display it on my plugboard. Fun stuff!

1 comment:

nypapercrafter said...

Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! Your website is beautiful and I've "Plugged" myself on you blog.