Sunday, June 29, 2008

Face Lift

Don't I wish! A little tuck here, a little tug there and I might just look like I did 5 years ago. But, I digress. Actually, it's this blog that gets a wee bit of a change. My old blog was green. In case you think you're in the wrong place, I placed a screen shot of the old blog. Recognize me now? Great!

Ah, white. More spacious. Breathing room and all. So what'dya think? Of course, there's a little matter of the blog below that looks like a silly salsa ad. Oh brother.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Spicy Pork Verde

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I prepared one of his favorite dishes which is my own creation. I love crockpot dishes as they're a wonderful way to have a great meal at the end of a busy day. You only need two things to make this tasty dish and this roast comes out full of flavor, tender and very moist!

Spicy Pork Verde

**Pork Sirloin Tip Roast (go ahead and use it frozen!)
**16oz jar La Victoria Thick 'n Chunkie Salsa Verde

Place pork roast in crockpot. Pour salsa over the top. Cook on high for approximately 6 hours (if meat is frozen). If roast is thawed, reduce cooking time to approximately 4 hours. I always make mine with a frozen pork roast. How easy can it get?!

So easy!

A side of spanish rice and your choice of veggie goes well with this tender, juicy roast.

Monday, June 16, 2008

And An Afghan For Toni

My other daughter saw this afghan in my crochet book and thought it was pretty. So, as soon as I finished crocheting the sunflower afghan (in the post below) I started on this one. Crocheted using an overlay technique, this was fun to do! The master color is done in multiple shades of denim blue and the overlay is winter white. It's quite a large afghan...bigger than what I had expected it to be...but she loves it. She says that she, her hubby and kids like to all bundle up under one blanket on the sofa in the winter while watching movies. Well, this will do the trick...and then some.

Now...I owe my son an afghan.