Monday, September 29, 2008

Coming Soon To Lips Near You!

New Arrivals In My Etsy Shop
Aroma Fields Candles & Bath at Etsy - Natural Lip Balm

Who doesn't love all natural, lip nourishing, moisturizing and smoochaliciuous lip balm? Made with the very best natural ingredients including shea butter, cocoa butter and added beeswax for extra protection and staying power, my lip balms come in several flavors. I'm currently stocking Cherry, Honey, Coconut and Au Naturel (unflavored) and will be adding Vanilla, Peppermint, Chai Tea, Root Beer and Chocolate soon.

Avoid Lip Balms Containing Phenois
Ironically, as I booted up my computer this morning, ready to blog about my natural lip balms, a daily newsletter that I recieve from RealAge included the following interesting article:

If the cooler fall air has you reaching for your lip balm, flip it over and look at the label.

You might want to ditch it if you see this in the ingredient list: phenols. Why? These compounds actually strip the top layer off your lips, according to RealAge skin expert Dr. Amy Wechsler.

Peel Appeal?
Phenols are included in some lip balms (Blistex, for one) to help remove very dry, chapped skin off the surface of lips. But if you’re just trying to keep lips moist, the phenols can backfire by removing your lips’ natural protective layer. That may also explain why some people get addicted to them, Wechsler writes in her new book, The Mind-Beauty Connection -- the stripping effect can leave lips feeling raw, so you reach for more balm.

Careful Lip Care
To break this vicious lip-balm cycle, Wechsler recommends opting for a good moisturizing lip balm instead.

Article: RealAge Online

I actually intended this post to be a quickie but I thought the article was interesting and worthy of sharing. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Sunflower Afghan Is In A Magazine

My Lil' Moment Of Glory
Flip back a few blog posts and you'll find one I wrote after I finished crocheting a pretty sunflower design afghan for my older daughter. I also posted it on a website that I'm a member of called CraftStylish. I joined awhile back and
uploaded a photo of this afghan. Well, they must have liked it because they sent me an email last month and asked if they could feature it in their magazine called "Gifts to Make".
I couldn't wait to get the magazine and see! Well, it's here! My sunflower afghan appears in just a small corner of a page, but I'm just tickled to have this honor. My daughter is overjoyed (and proud of her Mom).


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Destash - What a Great Idea!

At first glance, my wonderful, loyal customers are probably going to wonder what happened to the list of lovely candles and soaps they're use to seeing stacked down the first page of my Etsy shop. The candles and soaps are still in my shop but, for now, buried beneath some new listings of supplies that hog up the front page.
Yes, supplies! Woo-hooo! I've joined the "Destash" wagon! These supplies will only be there until each one sells as I only have one of each. That's why I'm not going to open a separate Etsy shop. Once sold...the supply item will not be back.

Over time, I've stocked up on an abundance of products that are now just taking up space. They're not being used...probably never will. And it's time to clean house!

If you're thinking about making candles or bath and body products, come and see my supply category. My prices and shipping are more than reasonable and you'll actually be saving when you compare the cost of product plus shipping the the original supplier charges. I still need to add a few more items but there's plenty to start the supply section off nicely.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Europe It's Not

But We Still Had Fun

One of these days, I plan to take a trip to Europe. That's the trip of a lifetime, to me and I will go (she said as she looked at her and hubby's crowded schedules). Until then, adventures are in abundance right here in my little home and in my surrounding area. Each season has it's own flavor of fun affixed to it and this Summer was no exception. Before we move on to what Fall and Winter will bring, I reflect on some of the things that made me smile during the past couple of sun-filled months:

The temperatures can get a bit out of hand . . . (okay, so my smile was dripping with sweat on this day!):

Grand daughters come over frequently and love to play softball in the backyard with their Uncle . . . (use tennis balls, please!):

Fishing trip...and my 23 year old son baited his first hook...a proud moment . . . (he never did like touching icky things. Use to put baggies on his hands to help clean out the pumpkin each Halloween):

Nephew playing the guitar and singing makes for some really peaceful afternoons . . . (Air Force plane mechanic, sings, plays guitar and piano, cooks, handsome...and single, ladies!):

We developed a family love affair with Rock Band . . . (eat your heart out, Ringo!):

Hot Summer days means lots of naps for fur people . . . (as does Fall, Winter, Spring...):

Many trips to the beach and lovely walks on the Balboa pier . . . (and some great lunches at the 50's diner called "Ruby's" at the end of the pier):

And as we leave Summer behind, I'm always grateful for it's beauty and the opportunities I'm given:

(The above photo was taken on our whale watching trip . . . didn't see any whales but the water and the weather were gorgeous!)

I'm ready for Fall now :-)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

August - Lost In The Sand

Where did August go?
The summer months are normally spent doing things that we don't usually do throughout the year. (Do I hear a "Yes, same here!"?) I loved having the visitors...loved the summer fun...and really enjoyed the break from every day
routine. I did, however, keep up with my business but I wasn't able to attend to every aspect of my life. Therefore, my blog suffered as I wrote absolutely nothing last month. It's as if August was lost. And, boyyyy did it go by fast!

I'll update you soon on some of the fun things we did through August. I've got to go blow dry my hair . . .