Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Destash - What a Great Idea!

At first glance, my wonderful, loyal customers are probably going to wonder what happened to the list of lovely candles and soaps they're use to seeing stacked down the first page of my Etsy shop. The candles and soaps are still in my shop but, for now, buried beneath some new listings of supplies that hog up the front page.
Yes, supplies! Woo-hooo! I've joined the "Destash" wagon! These supplies will only be there until each one sells as I only have one of each. That's why I'm not going to open a separate Etsy shop. Once sold...the supply item will not be back.

Over time, I've stocked up on an abundance of products that are now just taking up space. They're not being used...probably never will. And it's time to clean house!

If you're thinking about making candles or bath and body products, come and see my supply category. My prices and shipping are more than reasonable and you'll actually be saving when you compare the cost of product plus shipping the the original supplier charges. I still need to add a few more items but there's plenty to start the supply section off nicely.


kim* said...

yeah sometime si clean out what i dont use...but then again i typically use EVERYTHING :p

Debbie Gootter said...

I have a seperate destash store for just that reason- I feel you....