Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Over One Hurdle

CT Scan Results

After finishing the 6 month Gemzar chemo treatment, I had a CT scan yesterday to learn how well (or not) I'm doing. Today, I met with my Oncologist to get the results.
He explained to me that if the cancer were to return, it would return in the liver or the lungs. The CT scan showed that all was clear, I'm cancer free. While a small (1 cm) lesion showed on the body of the pancreas, my Oncologist doesn't think it's anything to worry about. He shared with me that it's rare that pancreatic cancer would return in the pancreas.

Anyway, I had a feeling I would get a thumbs up on the test results as I've been feeling great and gaining weight quite readily the past month. So, today I'm cancer free and I'll take each and every day, one by one, as a special gift.

WHAT'S NEXT: As another precaution to keep the cancer from returning, I'm suppose to start radiation/chemo (combo) treatment within the next couple of weeks.

Now...back to the sewing machine!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Snoopy PJ's For Sydnie

A Grandma Project

One of the things I enjoy most is picking up my three grand daughters and taking them to Jo-Ann's Fabric store so they can pick out a pattern and material. I love making things for them...and they always seem excited to be able to wear something that is custom made just for them; something they chose. We went to Jo-Ann's last week. Sydnie, my youngest grand daughter (age 11) wanted pajamas and was very specific about the style she wanted. The top had to be button up, not slip on, the bottoms needed to be shorts. Flipping through the Simplicity pattern book, we found just the right one. She then went to the pattern drawer and pulled the pattern. When I told her she could pick from many kinds of fabric for this pattern, she knew exactly what she wanted. It had to be snuggly soft flannel. She chose the cute Snoopy fabric and decided she wanted yellow buttons to match...no trim.

After working on them during week, I gave the finished PJ's to her today. She tried them on and ran around the house giving everyone a hug so they could feel how snuggly soft they were. I got a big hug and a sweet "thank you". I told her she did a wonderful job picking just the right pattern and fabric. She looked so cute in them.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Final Chemo Infusion Today

...One Training Wheel Removed!

It surely goes without saying that I am absolutely thrilled that today I recieved my very LAST Gemzar chemo infusion! To a point, it's bittersweet. While I'm glad to no longer have the weekly, painful iv, burning chemo infusion and icky side effects...I feel vulnerable. It's as if I've lost one training wheel that was keeping me upright and stable and now thrust into being more on my own to accept whatever will happen. But I'm still very excited and thankful to have it behind me!

The nurse I had today told me I'd already been blessed. She shared that she rarely sees pancreatic cancer patients in the chemo infusion room because, normally, pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed too late for any treatment to be helpful. She said that I'd already been given a miracle. I sort of felt that way early on....as if my deceased younger brother (who passed from duodenal cancer just 15 months prior to my diagnosis) had a chat with God to insure that I'd receive the chance he never got.

After my infusion came to an end today and to my surprise, all the nurses that were on duty (and in the past 6 months, I got to know all of them) came into my room playing tambourines, singing and congratulating me as one placed a "Distinguished Patient Award" (pictured) around my neck....something I'm sure all patients receieve upon completion of a cancer treatment. It was a sweet moment and one I'll never forget. I recieved lots of hugs from them and thanked them for their warm care...they were SO awesome!

I have a CT scan scheduled for the 27th that will show how well the chemo has done. Then, I'll be starting a chemo/radiation therapy treatment within the next month that will last 5-1/2 weeks (daily). This is my other training wheel. One day, I'll be riding through life, stable, sturdy and free.

Thank you for all the prayers, positive thoughts and caring emails!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crocheted Afghan For My Son

Shane's Masculine Ripple Stitch Afghan

Afghans tend to be rather girlie. (I love them!) I made a Sunflower afghan for my older daughter (which you can find in my blog post here Vonny's Sunflower Afghan ). I also made a Blue with White Bow Overlay afghan for my younger daughter (which you can find in my blog post here Toni's Blue & White Afghan ). When looking for a pattern for my son, I wanted it to be more masculine. In my search, I found the perfect one! The color combination was awesome, also. Fun to make and very easy...but most of all, he loves it!

I actually finished Shane's afghan last August but never got a chance to take photos and post it until now. Currently, I'm working with this same pattern for my hubby, but with different colors. It's nearly finished.

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As a courtesy, credit for this lovely pattern goes to Maria Merlino