Monday, June 16, 2008

And An Afghan For Toni

My other daughter saw this afghan in my crochet book and thought it was pretty. So, as soon as I finished crocheting the sunflower afghan (in the post below) I started on this one. Crocheted using an overlay technique, this was fun to do! The master color is done in multiple shades of denim blue and the overlay is winter white. It's quite a large afghan...bigger than what I had expected it to be...but she loves it. She says that she, her hubby and kids like to all bundle up under one blanket on the sofa in the winter while watching movies. Well, this will do the trick...and then some.

Now...I owe my son an afghan.


HA! Designs said...

Yes, this would make the perfect snuggling afghan for winter! It's gorgeous!

Larky Lady said...

That is a beautiful afghan and such an interesting way to crochet it. That must have been quite a challenge. However, you are into challenges, aren't you? I love the colors. Keep us posted on what you will be doing for your son. said...

beautiful afghan . I wish I could crochet