Friday, June 27, 2008

Spicy Pork Verde

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and I prepared one of his favorite dishes which is my own creation. I love crockpot dishes as they're a wonderful way to have a great meal at the end of a busy day. You only need two things to make this tasty dish and this roast comes out full of flavor, tender and very moist!

Spicy Pork Verde

**Pork Sirloin Tip Roast (go ahead and use it frozen!)
**16oz jar La Victoria Thick 'n Chunkie Salsa Verde

Place pork roast in crockpot. Pour salsa over the top. Cook on high for approximately 6 hours (if meat is frozen). If roast is thawed, reduce cooking time to approximately 4 hours. I always make mine with a frozen pork roast. How easy can it get?!

So easy!

A side of spanish rice and your choice of veggie goes well with this tender, juicy roast.


Karol said...

Thank you thank you for this! We love pork chile verde - I'm gonna try it and see if it does the trick! I had a friend make it from scratch once and it was amazing but difficult. If I like it, may I post on my blog??

Kristen said...

I LOVE crock pot cooking too :) I tried a similar recipe from a friend a few years ago~ I had forgotten all about it until I saw your Blog. Yeah, I'll have to make it again :) Thanks!!