Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crocheted Afghan For My Son

Shane's Masculine Ripple Stitch Afghan

Afghans tend to be rather girlie. (I love them!) I made a Sunflower afghan for my older daughter (which you can find in my blog post here Vonny's Sunflower Afghan ). I also made a Blue with White Bow Overlay afghan for my younger daughter (which you can find in my blog post here Toni's Blue & White Afghan ). When looking for a pattern for my son, I wanted it to be more masculine. In my search, I found the perfect one! The color combination was awesome, also. Fun to make and very easy...but most of all, he loves it!

I actually finished Shane's afghan last August but never got a chance to take photos and post it until now. Currently, I'm working with this same pattern for my hubby, but with different colors. It's nearly finished.

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As a courtesy, credit for this lovely pattern goes to Maria Merlino


Chauncey said...

I like the look of this afghan. Good for anyone but perfect for a guy.

cimbear said...

I would really like to know where you found this pattern for this afghan? I am really wanting to recreate this for my fiance for a surprise present. Plus let me know any advice you might have and info.

Maria Merlino said...

This pattern is found on my blog: