Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Over One Hurdle

CT Scan Results

After finishing the 6 month Gemzar chemo treatment, I had a CT scan yesterday to learn how well (or not) I'm doing. Today, I met with my Oncologist to get the results.
He explained to me that if the cancer were to return, it would return in the liver or the lungs. The CT scan showed that all was clear, I'm cancer free. While a small (1 cm) lesion showed on the body of the pancreas, my Oncologist doesn't think it's anything to worry about. He shared with me that it's rare that pancreatic cancer would return in the pancreas.

Anyway, I had a feeling I would get a thumbs up on the test results as I've been feeling great and gaining weight quite readily the past month. So, today I'm cancer free and I'll take each and every day, one by one, as a special gift.

WHAT'S NEXT: As another precaution to keep the cancer from returning, I'm suppose to start radiation/chemo (combo) treatment within the next couple of weeks.

Now...back to the sewing machine!

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Larky Lady said...

I just left a comment on Facebook, but just had to say again how thankful we are that prayers are answered. Such great news, Marilyn.

Lost Mitten said...

Congratulations - this is such amazing wonderful news for you. You are definitely in my thoughts today! Best wishes with everything for the future! Have fun sewing :)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I am pleased that you got a clear result.

Bear hugs!


Little Lovables said...

So happy you got positve (or negative) results (however you say it)!! I hope you are feeling well :)

Melinda said...

Oh that is the BEST news!!! Congratulations and I cant tell you how happy I am today to read this!!!
Wishing you all the best of everything to come..


MMO said...

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Shopping Kharma said...

I wish you all the best; wow I was just in one just last week; x-rays, CAT scans, surgeries, heavy duty chem next week. Perhaps we can be strong together as we tackle this beast called cancer? I here for your support should you need any:0)