Friday, September 10, 2010

Polka Dots!

. . . My Newest Crochet Project!

I love to crochet! It's very therapeutic.

Awhile back, my daughter decorated my oldest grand daughters' room with pretty, bright colors and large polka dots on her closet door. I just finished crocheting this afghan this past week and I'm amazed at how well it goes with her room. All the colors and the pattern match perfectly! Done in granny squares, whip stitched together and several single crochet rows of colors for the edging, this is how it turned out:

I'm anxious to start another afghan. The next one will be for my middle sized grand daughter. She's very "girlie" so I'll do hers in a large shell pattern in shades of peach. I ordered the yarn last week and eagerly await it's arrival! Too bad the local stores don't carry a nice variety anymore. I'd have it in my grubbly little paws right now!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! I've got some candle orders to fill . . .

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LION GIRL said...

Marilyn, I used to crochet when I was much, much younger. But I never had the patience to do anything complicated. I still have the needles and wool but have not "found" time! Haha! When the time is right, when the time is right!
Did I tell you that the piece you have is beautiful?

aquariann said...

Fun afghan! I'm always amazed at large projects - how long did it take you?

Debs102 said...

Love it! I can knit but need to learn how to crochet - and that afgan is stunning - well done you! Debs

~ Sandy said...

Marilyn, I love those colors. In fact, I love crocheting in the winter. I can't stand that hot yarn on my lap in the summer (AZ weather I guess) but in the it.

My son wants one in Dallas Cowboy colors. Yep, need to hunt some yarn. I think you gave me the bug 8-)

Anonymous said...

I love to crochet as well....your afghan is so.....beautiful!!


A crowded girl with a crowded life said...

HEY! That blanket is AWESOME. Without a doubt one of the best grannie square blankies I've seen.