Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Makers of Abraxane - My Hero!

. . . I Received My Treatment!

While waiting for my insurance company to "review and approve" the new Abraxane chemo treatment I was suppose to have, the tumors were growing and the pain was getting much worse. I would cry at night when the pain seemed relentless and the pain meds didn't even seem to help. But the most wonderful news of all was that my Oncologist and his staff solicited the drug company who makes Abaxane and the drug company decided to cover the cost of my treatments while we wait for the insurance company to get off their duff.

When I met with my Oncologist yesterday, he couldn't praise the drug company enough for this compassionate and giving gesture. They will benefit from my treatment results which could benefit future pancreatic cancer patients.

Yesterday, I received my first treatment of Abaxane and it went SO much better than the prior chemo I'd been on for 8 months. I didn't have to have a lot of intravenous drugs pumped into me prior to the infusion... the infusion time was shorter... no pain the the arm where the chemo went in... and so far, I don't feel any horrid side effects. I'll have this particular chemo treatment every week for three weeks and then get the forth week off.

It is my Oncologists hope that this chemo will begin shrinking the tumors and I can feel some relief within the first two weeks. He also hopes that I can stay on it with positive results for even up to a year. But, he says, even a month of relief would be good. I pray for longer than a month!

I am very thankful to my Oncologist, his staff and the Abraxane drug company for allowing the opportunity for me to begin this treatment. Together, they are my hero's! I have so much more I want to do in my life and cannot imagine laying around lethargic and in pain for the rest of it.

Thank you to all who continue to send prayers. I am so grateful to have them!

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~ Sandy said...

Oh Marilyn!

What a relief!

I think I'm crying more now than I did last week. Sheer relief!

Constant pain is unbearable. I'm so glad this is working better than the previous chemo. Such good news.

You're right. Your oncologist is a "Hero!" for sure. A Super-Hero!

Many prayers,

Melinda said...


That is the best news ever!! Thank God someone cared enough to say YES!
Im sure you had no words to thank them enough...Your heros...

Birds of Oregon said...

Bless you. My prayers are with you. My step mom is a survivor and the chemo process I know is grueling. Your shop is pretty!

Julia said...

Marilyn - I check your blog every week or two and have been following events with. I've been silent because I couldn't come up with good words - which is stupid, because it isn't the words that matter, is it?

Your spirit is amazing and your doctors are great for going to bat for you -- I've never heard anyone say anything positive about a pharma company before.

Let's hope the side effects stay far away.

Here's what I should have been sending all along:



LION GIRL said...

Marilyn, glad to know you found your "hero".
I came across the following fr my bloglist and wonder if it is helpful.
I will hope the best for you at all times!
Take care n stay strong!

Chauncey said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad you have these "heros" in your life that are looking out for you.

All the best to you,

Cait Throop said...


Good news about your chemo!! YAY for your oncologist and the drug company!!!! I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping for a cure!! And while you are curing I hope you are pain free!!
xo Cait

Julie G. said...

Marilyn, I'm so sorry for your pain and suffering, hopefully this will on only be better for you but get you all better! (BBester)

~ Sandy said...

Hi Marilyn, I thought about you all week. I hope you had a super Christmas with all your children and hubby. I have a daughter in Fla and miss her a lot, especially on the holidays.

This New Year is going to be the best. I just know it. Your meds will do their job and have you feeling good.

Take care! I can't wait to see you posting again and playing tag on the ecrater lounge games.

Love ya, Marilynn

Melinda said...

Thinking of you.


~ Sandy said...

I know that all of you are checking on Marilyn's status, as I was, until I finally visited her FB page.

Marilyn went to Heaven on 2/25 and is finally free from all the pain --