Monday, October 6, 2008

Retirement of the Fur Person

Happy Birthday to Sneakers!

Today, my sweet kitty is 13 years old. In human years, that's 68 and that means fewer birds are chased, less ricky-racing around the backyard, no more hopped fences....and a LOT more naps.

I actually hate the thought of him aging as he truly is my best pal. To celebrate his special day, I'll go out tonight and get some vanilla ice cream to share with him. He loves to snuggle and likes to share ice cream. (I promise not to enjoy my portion!)

Happy 13th birthday to my special fur baby!


Devin said...

AHHH...Happy birthday Sneakers.Your cat is so cute:0)

Aroma Fields said...

Thank you :-)

YarnCoture said...

Your cat is adorable!

LostRiverRags said...

Happy Birthday Sneakers! What a cute kitty.

Andrea said...

What a cutie! Happy belated birthday to Sneakers.