Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going Into Battle

Out, Damn Spot!
On Wednesday, October 30th, after an ERCP procedure, I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The GOOD news is that doc says it is operable with a surgery called the whipple. I'm meeting with an Oncologist on Thursday, November 6th to discuss surgery and begin the battle for my life. This will be a hard already is. But, I look forward to feeling better and to know that this beast is no longer growing inside me. I have a wonderful support group of loving family and friends and will be in great hands at the cancer institute we've chosen. Thank you for all your prayers. I could sure use more as I hope to win this battle and live a long time. I've got more I want to do in this world.


Marie said...

You have my deepest sincerest prayers for a successful surgery and recovery and strength and healing. XXOO

Jeweltrinkets said...

Praying for you, Marilyn, these days technology and medical advancement is at it's best! Be at ease during this battle. Keep us updated!

Femin Susan said...

it's too bad for you got cancer.Their will be my prayers with you.