Thursday, January 24, 2008

Education in Wickless

I fell in love with wickless candles before I even began making candles with wicks. Though, I enjoy making and using both, wickless will always have a special place in my heart (and my home). Oddly, they don't sell well in my Etsy shop and I believe it's simply because people aren't aware of their fabulous advantage over a 'wicked' candle. Simply put, they are more aromatic without the worry of a flame!

Wickless candles are....

  • ...more aromatic because the complete jar of wax melts, not just the top inch or so. With an entire container of melted fragrance, the scent throws stronger and further. I make my wickless candles out of short, wide jars so that the wax melts quicker allowing for the aroma to fill the room faster.

  • ...safer because there's no flame. No fire hazzard! For that reason, they are perfect for use in classrooms, nursing homes, offices, dorm rooms and anywhere else a flame may not be suitable. My grand daughters teachers LOVE them!

  • ...easy to use! Simply remove the lid, place the jar onto the candle warming plate, turn the warming plate 'on'...and let the aroma fill the air!

And because my wickless candles are made from soy wax, clean up is a snap! If you should happen to spill soy wax, it cleans up easily with a little soap and warm water. I love the ease and aroma of wickless candles and thought this blog might help serve as a bit of an education for those who haven't yet tried one. I notice that warming plates in my neighborhood stores are now selling where, in the past, they just sat on the shelves. This means that the idea of wickless candles IS catching on and I'm happy to see that. However, some people are using traditional, wicked candles to melt on these plates. While that may work, the style of the jar will hinder a quick melt (unlike my short, wide jars). Okay...nuff o' that. I'm going to go turn on my warmer and sniffie Strudle & Spice!


Sixsisters said...

Great blog, very informative. Joan

MagdaleneJewels said...

I purchased a wickless candle with the burner at a craft show. The smell lasted so much longer than a regular candle and seemed to have a more delicate scent.

ZudaGay said...

Your blog looks great!!! Thank you for the education on wickless candles!!! Very interesting!!!

KiWi said...

As much as I love the wickless candles for all the reasons you mentioned, I loves me some candle light.